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octubre 30, 2017

    (1/8/13) Hola Rocio, mi nombre es Javier y te quiero contar que ha echo michael Bolton por mi, resulta que mi mujer Nieves es una fan desde hace muchos años y esta siempre escuchando sus canciones, hace unos años dio un concierto en madrid y no pude llevarla, al saberlo ella se puso muy triste luego al poco vino a Oporto (Portugal) y nos quedamos sin entradas, pero gracias a la pagina oficial de Michael en facebook me entero de que dará un concierto en Marbella el 1 de agosto, ufff rápidamente compré las entradas y nos fuimos para Marbella esa misma tarde del concierto le dije a mi mujer "vamos a ver por donde tenemos que entrar luego en el concierto" y cuando estábamos allí cual fue la sorpresa de que estaba Michael ensayando y preparando el evento, y estando mirando desde la entrada al evento veo que se acerca Michael con su guardaespaldas mi mujer entro en un ataque de nervios al saber que pasaría junto a ella y yo sin pensarlo hable con Michael y le pedí por favor una foto con mi mujer y el me dijo "un momento" y  dice "ok" zass foto echa mi mujer no se lo creía pero es mas cuando salíamos coincidimos otra vez y Michael al verla tan nerviosa la miro y la saludo con la mano y se reía, bueno pues llega el concierto y estábamos sentados en la zona del pasillo central y llegado el momento de la canción "Cuando un hombre ama a una mujer" le ponen en el pasillo junta a mi mujer un cajón de madera y zasss baja del escenario y se pone a cantar a su lado "la locura" para ella.

    Bueno pues ¿que ha echo Michael Bolton por mi? realizar el sueño de mi mujer, gracias Michael.

    It was October, 30th 2005. Well, I was flying from Asturias -my land- to Palma de Mallorca, at the Balearics Islands, to see Michael perform live. The plane moved a lot and I went through some very bad moments in the air...

    When the plane landed, I was a bit dizzy and I received a wonderful surprise: At the airport I could see John Dubuque (then Michael's tour manager) and another man with a bearb standing there and looking at the doors. I walked close but I didn't dare to tell John anything (I had already met him some months before) but, suddenly I thought, "Why not?", don't be silly. So, I went back and I greeted him. The man beside him was Roberto, the Spanish promoter of Michael's concert in Palma, and I realized that there were another young couple who were there and also worked for the production of the show. They were... yes!, waiting for Michael, who was coming from Germany, because he had decided to stay a bit longer there playing golf.

    Suddenly Roberto told me that Michael was going to offer a press conference at a place called "Puro Beach" and that I could attend if I wanted. As you can imagine, I did not doubt it for a second, but, first, I had to try to calm my instincts as I saw Michael arriving to the big room, wearing blue jeans, a dark t-shirt and his cap. He was carrying a big black suitcase. I didn't want to go and ask for an autograph because I was going to see him backstage before or after the show in Mallorca, and I imagined he had to be very tired. He shook hands with everybody and they all left.

    It was then when I realized that, if the press conference was going to be immediately, I had to run, without knowing anything in Mallorca, to Puro Beach. I took a taxi, dragging my enourmous green suitcase, my backpack and my jacket and told the driver I needed to get to a place called "Puro Beach" as soon as possible, because I had to attend an event there and I was in a hurry!!!. The taxi was like the English ones, I had never been in one and it was so big inside that I felt I had a whole limousine just for me!.

    I arrived at the same time as Michael and his people. He was leaving his black Mercedes and going into the place. John Dubuque greeted me again and took my suitcase inside. He was sooooo kind. I will never forget that!!!.

    I got there and another guy -who was from Asturias, like me- asked me who was I. I showed him a TARJETA DE VISITA of my website dedicated to Michael: www.michaelboltonthevoice.com and I told him the truth: that I was not a reporter, but only a fan. He allowed me to stay if I didn't say a word, because his job would be in danger if their bosses knew!.

    I took a lot of pics at that wonderful place. Evening was coming and we were at a terrace, surrounded by the sea and with a swimming pool and many palms in the middle. The furniture where Michael would seat was cream colour, and all was exquisitely decorated. Many journalists were arriving continuosly, with their big cameras and bags. I moved my suitcase to a side and waited beside it until Michael arrived. He was not wearing the cap, and his hair looked marvelous. He was dressed all in black, with a t-shirt and black cloth trousers. He was... what can I say... SO HANDSOME!. It was unbelievable that I was there, at that beautiful place, with him just five steps away, because all the journalists took their places, hanged their notebooks and ballpens and began to take pictures. I placed my body in raptures in the first row, and I bended my knees to let them make their pictures. I took all the photos I wanted with my compact camera and I could see Michael relaxed, happy and drinking Evian water while he was sitting with Roberto, the man I had met at the airport some minutes before...

    Of course, I only took pics, and I didn't say a word, but it was frustrating to see that the reporters asked Michael about his classical album and they didn't know how to say the word "ARIA". Michael had to explain it all to them: what an aria was and why he had decided to record one album dedicated to that. He spoke without being in a hurry, about the girls that would appear onstage -it was when Dani Wylie and Monique Lindesay were dancing along with Michael's tunes-. And although at one moment Roberto told him the time had finished, Michael even answered a few questions more. After that, he left the improvised lounge and sat on a small wall, just close to the place where I had left my suitcase and he possed for a lot of photos more. I was just in front of me, taking pictures and seeing him just... there!.

    When the press conference finished, some journalists asked for photos and autographs from Michael and he was as kind as always and accesible to everyone. When he walked in front of me, I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he said "it is my pleasure"!!!. John took it with my camera on a first plane, because we were really close, and I told him out loud when he was leaving: "good luck tomorrow night" and he looked at me, put his thumb up and said "thank you".

    Michael left the zone by going downstairs, I suppose that to some private room. I took my suitcase, my backpack and my jacket and walked slowly to the exit. Suddenly, John Dubuque (Michael's tour manager) and the young couple working for Roberto in Mallorca called me and invited me to drink something. John called me a taxi and I asked for an orange juice, although they were drinking champagne. I was so nervous that I was afraid that if I drank champagne I would sneeze and feel ashamed in front of all of them. When the orange juice arrived, in a big glass we said "CHEERS" but I could not drink it and had to leave because the taxi was already there!!!. Mr. Dubuque helped me move my suitcase out of the place, again, to the taxi and I left, more than by taxi, like being on a cloud!!!.

    When I arrived to the hotel, I called my Mom to tell her all what had happened to me!. It was unbelievable, like a dream come true!!!. I was laughing at about to cry at the same time!!!.

    What did Michael do for me?. Well, he made me feel like James Bond and Cinderella at the same time. First, running by taxi through the streets of an unknown city at a high speed looking for "the man", with my heart beating like crazy and second, I felt like Cinderella because I attended a party where I was not directly invited -I was not an authorized journalist- and I forgot my shoe after greeting my Blue Prince. Do you know what was the shoe?, the orange juice I had to leave there without being drunk!!!. And thank you, John Dubuque, you were my fairy godmother...

    Before his show the next day at the Casino of Mallorca I could see him backtage for a moment and when he saw me he looked at me and said: "You are the reporter". Woooowww!!!. I was a bit afraid and for a second I wanted EARTH TO SWALLOW ME.

   Thank you Michael, I do love you with all my heart!!!.

   Rocio Fernandez, Ortiguera, Asturias, Spain.

   Michael Bolton The Voice Webmaster   

    Hi Rocio,

    I am 45 years of age

    My Name is Dianna

    I live just outside of a little town in Australia called Murwillumbah (Mur-will-um-bah)I actually live in Dunbible a quite little place.

    Hhmm my Michael Bolton story really is unexciting  I don't really have one to be honest

    I have been a loyal fan of Music all my life it's one of the many wonders of this world and being a lover of music I discovered Michael Bolton's music about 22 years ago and have continued to enjoy him.

    There are/ have been so many great artists over the years and I have enjoyed so very many,

I have a vast range of taste in music I really enjoy almost all of the sounds (just not a great lover of music with swearing in it I don't think it's needed in music)

    Don't get me wrong I can swear along with the best of them just don't like it in music.

    I enjoy Pop,Jazz,Opera,country,so many

    I would love to hear Michael and Celiné do some music from Phantom of the opera now that would be a dream of mine.

    Michael's Music is usually played everyday at some point of the day along with many other artist as well that's the beauty of modern tech. You can have so many mp3's on your computer or CD that you can have such a variety of music I never get sick of it.

    I am also impressed with the forum's over the years there are so many wonderful people on them that you kind of get to know and we all try and help each other wherever possible.

    I would love for Michael to be a little more active on there (we promise we don't bite) most of us are mature people who just enjoy the company ( there are a couple of girls on there that may get out of control but they will settle down)

    You could make the rules like -No private questions,like relationship's, family life etc

    I must say one more thing over the years Music can make you a little happier when things are sad and a little brighter when things are dull

Music is Music and I say Michael you are a gift that is given to us to unwrap and listen too whenever we need so for that and the many years of enjoyment a big THANK-YOU

    All the best

    Dianna Shipman


    My name is Debra Stewart (Deb or Debs), I'm 41 and I live in Hampshire, UK.


    I went to Michael's concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 3rd November 2009, with my daughter Sophie.

    We had been to the RAH concert the year before and I so wanted to return, it was a wonderful night. 

    We had great seats in the stalls, row 10, next to the stage. 

    The concert began and it was sooo amazing to hear Michael's voice again and be so close to him too.

    Michael went off stage and then appeared in the audience to sing When a Man Loves a Woman.

    As he walked down, back to the stage, I went down to the edge of the stage and enjoyed the rest of the concert even closer to Michael. I had thought that if he got a little closer I would reach out and just touch his arm but it wasn't to be, he didn't get close enough. I danced and sang and had the most fantastic time.

    At the end of the concert Michael headed to exit the stage and he looked up as I looked over to him and I waved to him to say goodbye.

    Michael waved back and then began to head over towards me.... I could hardly believe it was happening!!  I held my hand out as he approached and he had a beaming smile. I was stood on the steps by the stage and he was the other side of the barrier but much lower down and I wasn't sure if we would actually touch but Michael reached up and held my hand, making eye contact, it was such a special moment. One I will remember forever!!

    Michael has an amazing voice, makes wonderful music and is a kind, generous and gorgeous man. I thank him soooo very much for taking the time to come over and make me feel special. Michael is truly someone special!!


   Debra Stewart


    I would have to say my favorite story would be the night My Mom (81, who has seem Michael many times) and I seen him in wabash IN and Williams Bay WI (four days apart last summer 2009)  We seen Michael in Indiapolis,IN in December of 2008 and got to go back stage. WOW What a treat!  Mom was so excited. Not sure if I enjoyed meeting him again, or seeing him bend down to talk to Mom.  Anyway, the next time we seen him, he made a special effort to come and see mom and me from the stage. Another treat. I told mom he would remember her, and she said "no way"  Was she wrong.  And again in Williams Bay he did it again, even though our tickets were not up front, he managed to find us both. 

    What a magical two nights.  That night I know just how Cinderella must have felt when she tried on the glass slipper!!!!

    Thanks for having this idea. (and letting me gush a little)


    Peru, IL  USA

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