Janis Liebhart


    I've had a varied career so far, which might be considered lucky in some circles, while unlucky in others (jack of all trades ? etc). For me, it's come in handy in more ways than one and has kept me busy since I can remember. And since you're here, I'll list some of the highlights.

    I co-wrote over 100 songs for Jim Henson's Muppet Babies" (teamed with hit writer Alan O'Day, headed by Producer/Director Hank Saroyan. We then went on to write, produce and perform the songs for National Geographic's "Really Wild Animals" (currently in syndication and available on DVD) starring the hilarious Dudley Moore, under the tutelage of exec and producer, Andrew Wilk. With virtuoso guitarist/producer, Danny Jacob, i also composed the theme to Disney's "Emperor's New School" and a song for "Kim Possible," both currently on ABC and the Disney Channel. With bassist Stanley Clarke, I wrote the theme for Universal's "Undercover Brother," recorded by both Bootsy Collins and Jeffrey Osborne. Other songs of mine have been recorded by various Disney characters, Sheena Easton, Stacy Lattisaw, A.J. Masters and some other folks you may or may not know. My BMI catalogue totals somewhere over 160 songs.

    I've sung on several album projects & a few movie soundtracks through the years, and my voice has been heard coming from toy dolls and on national t.v. ads as either a voice-over actor or singer. Toss a coin! Janis with his fan Marcelo, from Argentina

    Along the way, someone in the studio realized I could sing standing up and dance at the same time. I've performed on t.v., stage or on tour as a back up or featured singer with The Moody Blues (their comeback tour), Glenn Frey of the Eagles, the Righteous Bros., Charlie Rich, Neal Sedaka, Engelbert, Shaun Murphy of Little Feat and am currently in my eighteenth year singing with Michael Bolton on the road in Europe as I write this. I'm still here because I really enjoy traveling with what I call my second family, and Michael's a very loyal boss. I've had the extreme honor of sharing the stage with some amazing players and singers through the years.

    My writing AND singing roots come from pop & folk music; Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and most of the British Pop Invasion (go Kinks!), Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Holland-Dozier-Holland (Supremes, Temptations, Marvin Gaye), all the bands that branched out from Buffalo Springfield (I knew about every Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song for years ? love those harmonies!), Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Dixie Dreggs, Cream, John Hiatt, REM, Richard Paige, I could go on?

    I've done Equity and Equity Waiver theatre, improv, and also write fractured phrases for my own company, Dandelines, Inc. A sample? A salad plate that says, "Chive Talkin'" a dessert plate that says, "Another One Bites The Crust". Thousands of phrases I've thought of for over twenty years on hand made plates and drink coasters, now waiting for some other home.
Need a bi-line or clever ad for your company? Call me. Because everyone deserves to "live happily ever laughter."

    My husband of 8 years, Scott Monahan, is a "mondo multi-talented" writer/singer/producer/player. I didn't know him when he was a keyboardist in the band, "Spirit," with the late guitar great, Randy California and drummer, Ed Cassidy, but since meeting in 1996, we've been on this E-ticket ride together and I haven't looked back.

    This is longer than I wanted it to be. If you're still here, congratulations! Go and pour yourself a nice glass of Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer.

Janis waiting for her sound check in South Africa

    And thanks for stopping in!

    Janis Liebhart

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